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Merry Meet 🙂

I’ve always been creative. So when I got it in my head to do something nice for some friends. I figured why not share it with the world.
I am a Daughter Of Brigid, i study her, carry her with me every single day, and thank her for every blessing or trouble in my life.
this whole thing started after i accepted her finally as my Goddess. i was sitting there one night with my husband and the thought literally came to me to make a couple necklaces for my sister witches. i got the complete how and what to use all in a blink of an eye. after that it just spread. soon i was having people from across the country asking me to make them a necklace. as i went on, i kept thinking about how i could do this. and then i came across etsy. and here i am today.
i truly enjoy this and everything i make rather it be a necklace or a smudge stick and yes whatever the future brings me and Brigid blesses me with. is all in her name.

Blessed Be everyone 🙂

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