Neutral Ground Policy

CarpeNoctum is a true neutral grounds. We are not associated with any Coven, Court, House or Clan.

CarpeNoctum was founded to give a free, open forum to the Vampire and Goth community, without regard to any particular group.
We ask that you leave recruitment posts to other means.

We have a Groups section to allow you to put discussion, Posts, and other Coven specific content on, that may be only seen by members of your group.

We ask that you keep the community a positive experience for everyone. Witch Hunts, Drama, and Vampire Politics are NOT welcome here.

We reserve the right to ban anyone who violates this Neutral Ground Policy.

We will NEVER sell, rent, or “leak” your information to anyone. EVER.



CarpeNoctum is Sponsoring The St. Louis Vampire Ball Virtual Edition 9.12.2020

We are proud to be sponsoring our very first Virtual Vampire Ball, hosted by Arch Halo Vampire Krewe! This event is FREE and takes place on Saturday, September 12, 2020! There will be performances by DJ Vega Vyris and others! We’re super excited to be sponsoring this event. You can get tickets on Eventbrite by going here! We look forward to seeing you all there!!!!


Open Beta Phase


I am happy to announce that is in the Open Beta Phase!!!

What does this mean?
Well, it means our BETA test is now open to the public. That means more friends, more community, and more great conversations and content. It also means we need your help!!! Invite your friends! Share this EVERYWHERE!!!! The more folks who join the stronger the community will be! Do you have an interest you think other folks share? Create a group! We’ve got new features and functions inside the site we think you’re going to love. We have a lot more coming so stay tuned!

Seize the night!

-Paimon enters Beta Phase!

We are super excited to announce that has entered the Beta Phase of our launch. In this phase we are rolling out features and functions all the time, so be sure to stay tuned for updates! Over the coming weeks, you can expect to see things such as:

  1. Interface Improvements
  2. A Directory to help you connect with cool artists, and products relevant to our community.
  3. Improved speed on the site.

We are excited to see how things progress in this phase, as it’s critical to the success of our community! A big shoutout to everyone involved in our Beta Test! Thank you all so much for your time and contributions! As a reminder, if you find any issues, have questions, or need any help, be sure to reach out to me (@Paimon).

Thank you again and lots of love to all!

Seize the night!