About CarpeNoctum

I see you have found our lair in the darkness of the electronic void. Welcome to CarpeNoctum, a social network specifically designed for the needs and predilections of the darker subcultures. Understand, darklings does not just mean vampire and goth. It includes a wide array of subcultures that fall outside of what the dayside, or mundane, world might consider normal. From steampunk, to BDSM, to industrial as well as, of course, the vampire and goth subcultures and everything in between, CarpeNoctum is a social network built for us. Here you will find old friends and new, emerging artists and writers, alternative and community owned businesses, opportunities to enjoy a night out on the town, and a fun, friendly and exciting atmosphere that encourages support, growth and community. We have forums and groups set up to foster education and learning new skills in many areas from artisan crafting to the occult. If you do not see the topic you are interested in, ask! We want people to be able to ask questions and connect to the people who have answers. Fostering a community with open lines of communication and sharing of ideas among alternative cultures is one of our main goals. We have a strict neutral ground policy and are not associated with any Coven, Court, House or Clan be it vampire, therian, or any other type of organization. We are an open forum and social network for everyone who finds themselves on the darker side of the veil. Witch hunts, drama and especially vampire politics are not welcome here. We want everyone to enjoy their time at CarpeNoctum and have the opportunity to explore everything we have to offer. Here at CarpeNoctum, you are not only allowed but encouraged to use a sobriquet, or nickname. We understand that many people have a need to keep their personal lives separate from the subcultures they enjoy. Names have power. Choose them wisely, and share them sparingly. We will never sell your data nor will we reveal your information or true name to others. We are committed to protecting this community’s privacy as well as to maintaining their safety. To that end, we have partnered with the Thorn Project in the fight against the exploitation of children on the internet. Please understand that we will not allow illegal activity on our site, and will report any material that promotes the exploitation of anyone, but especially children, to the proper authorities. If you have any questions about the Thorn Project and what it does, please look them up at www.thorn.org. For too long, alternative communities have been associated, rightly or wrongly, with criminal elements like these. Not here. CarpeNoctum has no room for these types of behaviors. CarpeNoctum is our social space when we are far apart. It is our dining room table when we can’t be together. It is our town square when we want to share and have something to say. We want it to be safe and welcoming to all darklings, new and old. If that seems out of reach to you, know we chose the name CarpeNoctum as a play on the spelling of the Latin, Carpe Noctem, meaning “seize the night”. And we did. We brought our dream out of the deep recesses of our minds and gave it a home in the inky darkness of our shared electronic space. As for darklings of all inclinations, isn’t that what we all want to do? So, welcome new friends! We look forward to seeing what you can do.